A Little Lifetime - Book for Parents & Families
A Little Lifetime Pack
A Lttle Lifetime Pack offeres helpful information and suggestions for parents and families whose baby has died or is expected to die.  A Little Lifetime is available in English, French and Polish languages.

The pack contains a copy of :
  • A Little Lifetime - which provides invaluable information on what has to happen right now, what choices you have and what other parents have found to be helpful.
  • Memories of A Little Lifetime Folder - to help create some memeories
  • Leaflets:
  • Precious Time-Precious Pictures - a gentle guilde to taking photographs of your baby
  • What family and friends can do
  • Returning to work following the death of your baby.
ISANDS would like to thank all the parents and families who contributed to this publication directly or indirectly. Their childrens short lives continues to make a difference and has inspired changes and practices that wil benefit parents and families in the future.

To Their short lives that have made a difference.